Extend iMIS without programming

isgweb1Before you consider custom programming, take a look at ISGweb for iMIS. ISGweb allows your association to have a data-driven website that works the way you want it to. No starting from scratch. No paying for a pricey customized solution. No trying to integrate an incompatible tool.

ISGweb is a suite of modules that add valuable features to your association’s website. If iMIS 20 doesn’t do everything you want, ISGweb probably has  what you need. Plus, it saves time and money as you won’t need custom programming or the issues that come with it.

ISGweb is a mature product that’s continuously upgraded to keep pace with iMIS. You don’t need to redo your customization every time iMIS changes. Since it’s configured, you can make changes without programming. Just change the configuration. ISGweb grows and adapts with you.

Engage members

Here are some things your members can do on your website with ISGweb:

  • Apply and pay for membership, even for complex membership levels.
  • Register for events, and modify their registration.
  • Update their own contact information.
  • Use a single sign-on to access everything.

ISGweb has an intuitive interface. Your members will find it easy to use your website, and they’ll be delighted that they can accomplish what they want to simply and quickly.

Save time

ISGweb automates common tasks. There’s no need to re-key information or do manual processing to complete transactions. Using the administrative interface, your staff can manage changes to the system — all without programming.

Stay updated

With ISGweb, both iMIS and your website will always have the latest information. You won’t have to deal with synchronization issues or re-entering information – ISGweb and iMIS stay in sync automatically.

Enhance iMIS quickly and affordably

There’s no analysis, no design, and no customizing needed to enhance iMIS. ISGweb is configurable, which takes little time compared to a customized solution. It plugs right into an existing website, and works with other content management systems (CMS) as well as iMIS RiSE.

ISGweb sells for a fixed price that includes the software and all installation costs. Unlike custom programming, where project costs can vary, you’ll know your exact cost.

Unify web experience

ISGweb fits into your website design, so you maintain consistent navigation and branding throughout your site. Its forms can open in a new window or within the website. Links to ISGweb forms can appear in the website’s navigation menus, banner, and web pages.

Integrate with iMIS

ISGweb is fully integrated with iMIS. This protects your membership database’s integrity and upgrade path.

Gain a proven track record

More than 80 associations of all sizes are using ISGweb. It’s been through multiple iMIS upgrades and more than six product release cycles — all successful. ISGweb has always stayed in sync with iMIS.

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What’s next?

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