ISG Tools Integrate iMIS EMS With Third-Party Products

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Integrating iMIS EMS with other software and systems? ISG has built many tools that you can use to obtain a tight integration.

Document Upload Service

Do you wish you had the ability to upload multiple documents into iMIS at one time?  Maybe you have standards that you need to have in your iMIS system but don’t want to upload them one at a time.  ISG’s Document Service gives you the ability to upload several documents into iMIS at one time.

Zip Radius Search

Do you want to allow people to locate providers by proximity? With ISG’s Zip Radius Search, you can offer visitors the ability to search by distance from their location, making your member directory even more valuable.

Relationship Manager

Would you like to give staff, chapter organizers or administrators, or even individual members the ability to add, update or delete relationships in iMIS? With ISG’s Relationship Manager tool, you can offer that option. You can control their ability to modify relationships through an IQA or relationship roles.

Zoom / GoToWebinar

Want to simplify webinar management? ISG offers integrations for Zoom and GoToWebinar that take registration information from iMIS and register individuals for the webinar in Zoom or GoToWebinar. It also notes whether they attended and updates the activity record in iMIS.

Vital Source

Would you like to let members who purchase a product in iMIS read it in Vital Source? With ISG’s Vital Source integration tool, you can. The API generates an ebook code for each product purchased in RiSE and makes it available in their Vital Source account.


Is Maritz your event management system? ISG’s Maritz integration allows members to register in Maritz and records the registration as an activity on the member record in iMIS. 


Do you use Cvent for your events? With ISG’s Cvent integration tool, you can have registrants register in iMIS and have the information sent to Cvent. That way, iMIS owns the payment and registration details, which are then available in the member records, and Cvent can still handle everything for your events.

Crystal Reports Viewer

Are you using iMIS 2017, iMIS 2020 Advanced or iMIS EMS On-Premise and don’t want to say farewell to Crystal Reports? You don’t have to! ISG’s Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE allows you to continue using your beloved Crystal Reports and render them within an iPart in RiSE.


Do you want to provide immediate access to courses in LearnUpon? With ISG’s LearnUpon integration, you can set up events or products in iMIS and map those to courses in the LearnUpon LMS.

When a purchase is made through iMIS, the purchaser is automatically enrolled in the appropriate course and receives an email with enrollment confirmation and sign-in details. The tool also monitors their progression through the course and updates an activity in iMIS until the course is completed or cancelled.

Crowd Wisdom

Is Crowd Wisdom your Learning Management System (LMS)? With ISG’s Crowd Wisdom tool, your members can purchase a course through the iMIS store. They are automatically enrolled, and can go straight from the RiSE purchase confirmation page to Crowd Wisdom to take the course.

You can control the products or courses that are eligible for the integration, with rules that are customizable. The sync process can be different for courses purchased in the Member Site and orders entered or imported by your staff.


Do you need a secure, cloud-compliant Lockbox dues payment process in iMIS EMS? With ISG’s Lockbox integration tool, you can upload a Lockbox file and run a process to make payments.


Are you using the CE21 Learning Management System? Get automatic communication between iMIS and CE21 with ISG’s CE21 tool. When users register for an event in iMIS, they are automatically enrolled in CE21. The enrollment is also added to iMIS as an activity. The member can see the course they purchased on their iMIS profile page and click through to the CE21 site to access the course. 

Tools Built for Your Needs

Looking for utilities that add capabilities to iMIS? Read about the ISG iMIS Utilities.

You can rely on ISG for tools that effectively extend and expand your organization’s capabilities and drive your association’s digital transformation so you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members.

Let ISG take care of your business so you can focus on the business at hand.

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