Why Organizations Choose iMIS — and the iMIS Ecosystem

iMIS EcoSystem descriptive graph
iMIS is the only engagement management system (EMS) purpose-built for associations and nonprofits. With all baseline association and nonprofit functionality baked in, iMIS provides a solid foundation for your operations.

What’s more, there’s an entire ecosystem built around iMIS that delivers additional capabilities that enhance your capacity to operate more effectively, improve day-to-day processes for staff, and increase your organization’s value proposition for members, customers, and clients.

What the iMIS Ecosystem Provides

For associations that want to institute a learning management system (LMS), award scholarships through an online process, or manage a collection of abstracts, there are third-party products that can provide that functionality.

These products supply a wide variety of solutions that integrate with iMIS to extend and expand your organization’s capabilities — with more options being added to the iMIS ecosystem all the time. 

Why Associations and Nonprofits Choose ISG

We offer our own range of iMIS ecosystem tools — products and integrations — designed to provide additional functionality, including:

Read more about our iMIS ecosystem tools:

ISG iMIS Utilities – Provide better service to members with these utilities, which allow you to provide faster access to member benefits and pricing, as well as ensure that your vendors have the latest member data.

ISG EMS Toolbox – These tools deliver tight integration with third-party products, simplifying and streamlining integration-related tasks for your staff.

And we’re expert integrators who know how to make any third-party iMIS ecosystem product work perfectly with your iMIS system. Here are a few of the products we have integrated with iMIS:

How to Take Advantage of the iMIS Ecosystem

Ready to leverage the iMIS ecosystem so your organization can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members, customers, and clients?

Contact sales@isgsolutions.com. Let ISG take care of your business so you can focus on the business at hand.