Some associations are using a learning management system (LMS) that isn’t cloud-compliant and won’t work with iMIS EMS as they make that transition. Other associations don’t have integrated access to any LMS at all.

To help our clients best leverage the capabilities of iMIS EMS, ISG has created the ISG LearnUpon Integration for iMIS EMS. This cloud-compliant solution, now part of the iMIS ecosystem, transmits data to LearnUpon to fulfill orders when users purchase qualifying LMS courses or training materials through iMIS EMS or association staff make purchases on behalf of members (and others) via the staff site.

Here’s how it works for clients using iMIS EMS Enterprise Cloud, iMIS 2020 Advance Program, iMIS EMS Self-Hosted, or iMIS 2017:

When qualifying purchases are made through iMIS EMS, the LearnUpon Integration retrieves the course or training material information and transmits it to LearnUpon instantaneously, so buyers can immediately access their selections through LearnUpon. When association staff go through the staff site to make purchases on behalf of members (or others), regularly scheduled processes transmit course or training material information to LearnUpon, providing buyers access to their courses or training materials without significant delay.

This simple solution streamlines the order fulfillment process for LearnUpon courses and training materials, providing significant benefits that include:

  • Elimination of manual order processing.
  • Reduction of opportunities for human error in data transmittal.
  • Improvement in overall order fulfillment processing speed.

A key component of the iMIS ecosystem, the ISG LearnUpon Integration for iMIS EMS extends and expands your organization’s capabilities and drives your association’s digital transformation so you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members.

Learn more – Contact to talk about whether the ISG LearnUpon Integration for iMIS EMS is a good solution for your association.