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iMIS Users Need a Voice — and NiUG Delivers

Many iMIS users are familiar with the National iMIS Users Group (NiUG), but we know how important it is to spread the word to those who may not be aware of the organization. We, and NiUG, believe it’s vital that software users have a voice, and NiUG gives them exactly […]

iMIS Help When You Need It: An Update on FAQs at the ISG Help Desk

It’s safe to say that almost every organization that uses technology needs help with it. With software transitions, new versions, and updates, there is almost always something to figure out in order to get the job done. Yes, help please!  When iMIS users encounter a challenge, they can also face […]

ChatGPT – Revolutionizing Communication in 2023

Brainstorming to Writing: ChatGPT’s Powerful Potential for Associations What is the newest buzz in the business community today? ChatGPT!  Everyone is talking about it, but what is it exactly and how can it impact associations now and in the future? ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processor. That […]

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