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Planning Your Virtual Event: Setting the Stage for the Future

Your virtual event is officially over. The presentations have been made, the networking events have wrapped up, and your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors are back to work after experiencing all the possibilities that come with an online conference. (Well done!) While it may seem like now is the time to […]

Planning Your Virtual Event: Mastering Your Marketing Efforts

Building a virtual event from scratch is no small undertaking β€” and that’s before you even start thinking about promoting it. While your marketing efforts for a virtual event don’t have to span as long a time as they would for an in-person event, they do have to be effective. […]

Planning Your Virtual Event: Creating Value for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Exhibitors and sponsors are vital to your event’s success β€” and they shouldn’t go away just because you’re moving to a virtual format. In fact, quite the opposite. Here’s how a dynamic, user-friendly event platform can provide innovative and interactive ways to highlight your event’s exhibitors and sponsors β€” and […]