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7 Lessons Learned from iMIS EMS Enterprise Implementations

Change is coming: The transition to iMIS EMS Enterprise is all but certain.  Maybe you’re already heading down the road toward destination iMIS EMS Enterprise. Or maybe not. In either case, we’ve got you covered. ISG has worked through enough iMIS EMS Enterprise implementations for commonalties to have emerged, and […]

3 Fabulous New Features Found Only in iMIS EMS Enterprise

iMIS is the gold standard when it comes to association management software.  Designed specifically for associations, iMIS has your business logic baked in and manages everything from lead gen to financial reporting. The software’s functionality is so vast, even some old pros aren’t familiar with everything iMIS can do! It’s […]

5 Misconceptions About Moving to iMIS EMS Enterprise

More than a few of our clients are telling us they didn’t ask for, nor do they really want to engage in, the impending transition to the cloud — to iMIS EMS Enterprise. And we understand why you might be feeling a little (or maybe more than a little) trepidation […]