ISG Azure Cloud — iMIS Hosting for Associations

What can having iMIS in the cloud do for your association?Microsoft Azure Cloud

Your staff gains anytime, anywhere, any device access to your iMIS association management system, your association’s website, dashboards, reports, and resources. Whether employees are traveling, working at home, or attending meetings away from the office, they still have all the information they need to do their work.

With ISG Azure Cloud, your technology infrastructure is managed by experts, allowing your IT team to devote their resources to more strategic initiatives and to better serving your members.

  • Save on IT management costs.
  • Make IT costs predictable.
  • Gain world-class tech support.
  • Enhance data security.
  • Scale quickly to any level.

Why ISG Azure Cloud instead of iMIS Cloud?

ISG Azure Cloud is highly flexible, designed to deliver the benefits of the cloud to associations that need more than what’s possible with iMIS Cloud.

Associations that have complex integrations and application dependencies will benefit from the customized environment ISG Azure Cloud offers. For example, ISG Azure Cloud supports:

  • Integrations with third-party products, such as learning management systems (LMS), content management systems (CMS), event systems, dashboard and analytics systems, and more.
  • Custom iParts developed to meet specific needs.
  • Custom websites in RiSE.
  • SQL Query tool.
  • Continued access to Crystal Reports.

For more than 25 years, ISG has provided technology services to associations and we began working with the cloud long before it was called “the cloud.” For many years we ran our own state-of-the-art data center. But as a long-time Microsoft partner we thoroughly evaluated the Azure cloud and decided we could best serve our clients by moving to Azure.

Microsoft Cloud Solution ProviderWith Microsoft Azure, we can continue to deliver the same high quality of service, uptime, reliability, and business continuity, while providing even greater security and performance. We also can provide advanced technology solutions, such as:

  • Solid State Drives (SSD) for faster access to data,
  • More a-la-carte services, such as two-phase authentication and hot-site capability,
  • Cross platform integration, including Windows and Linux platforms.

What value-added services does ISG Azure Cloud offer associations?

Using ISG Azure Cloud to host iMIS gives you access to IT support services provided by technology experts who know iMIS, the cloud, and the business of running an association – inside and out!

  • Premium help desk: Full-time certified IT experts who appreciate the issues and challenges associations face so you get your problems solved faster.
  • Member database management: We specialize in hosting iMIS and related apps. We know what works to help you maintain and optimize your iMIS system.
  • Cloud expertise: ISG has been providing cloud services to associations for almost 20 years.
  • Reports & dashboards: Gain more insight and deliver services that meet member needs more effectively with dashboards that deliver the data you need, current to the minute.
  • Integrated, dynamic, responsive websites: iMIS 20 RiSE allows you to run your association management system and website together in one system.

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