Your Association Website: Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

You have a vision of what you want your new membership website to look like, how you want it to work, how you want your members and other audiences to interact with it.

Turn that vision into reality with a website designed by ISG Solutions.

Why ISG? Because a beautiful association website design is just the beginning.

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Many companies can design an attractive site. But what happens behind the scenes is every bit as important as what’s out front. When your web design team doesn’t understand iMIS well and doesn’t know how to deliver true integration with your other applications, you get a website that looks wonderful but doesn’t actually function properly.

You need your website fully integrated with your other applications to exchange data and update it in real-time. You need iMIS updated, and reports and dashboards kept current. Without that, your team does far more work than they need to, and they end up using old information to make decisions.

With ISG, you get a beautiful website – and one that functions cleanly and efficiently underneath. What your staff experiences on the backend is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as what your members see on the front end.

Benefits of an ISG-designed Association Website


Beautiful website with consistent branding throughout.


Responsive design provides a high quality user experience on any device.


Work seamlessly with other applications and web services.


Staff sites give your team the data they need at their fingertips.


Project managed effectively, delivered on time and on budget.

 What Makes ISG Different?

Some associations think about design first and hire web designers who don’t understand their member database to build their new website. They get a gorgeous website – but often it’s not functional. Data has to be rekeyed, copied and pasted, emailed back and forth. It costs you money and wastes your employees’ time. And you aren’t delivering the member experience you hoped for.

ISG has worked with associations for more than 30 years. We understand the business of running an association, and we know iMIS inside and out. When you work with a technology partner that has this level of expertise, you get the best possible website – one that is beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

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Next Steps

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