ISG Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE

Many associations have hundreds of reports written in Crystal Reports. But the latest version of iMIS RiSE Staff Site doesn’t support viewing Crystal Reports online. They can be viewed on the client’s desktop and can still be printed, but they can’t be viewed over the web.

To help our clients more effectively leverage these resources, ISG created the ISG Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE. This solution, now part of the iMIS ecosystem, provides the ability to view standard and custom Crystal Reports over the web or from your iMIS RiSE staff site. It also allows continued access to your existing reports even as you transition to a new iMIS version.

Here’s how it works for clients using iMIS 2020 Advance Program, iMIS EMS Enterprise Self-Hosted, or iMIS 2017:

If you’re using Crystal Reports 9 or higher, the ISG Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE supports access to simple and complex reports, including for stored procedures, parameters, and sub-reports. It allows you view existing reports within the iMIS RiSE public site and the iMIS staff site.

This is a simple solution with significant benefits that include:

  • Access to your existing reports anytime, from anywhere.
  • Flexibility to upgrade iMIS versions without losing access to your existing reports.
  • Cost savings from being able to avoid rewriting hundreds of existing reports.

A key component of the iMIS ecosystem, the ISG Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE extends and expands your organization’s capabilities and drives your association’s digital transformation so you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members, and your member site.

Learn more – Watch an archived webinar to see a demo of the Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE or contact to talk about whether the ISG Crystal Reports Viewer for RiSE is a good solution for your association.