Cadmium is a single, flexible technology platform that simplifies the production of events and maximizes the value of online education.

Part of the iMIS ecosystem, Cadmium integrates seamlessly with iMIS to bring together digital and in-person events, learning activities, and other revenue streams, facilitating the creation and sales of education packages and 24/7 cross-channel access to content.

Here’s a sample of the ways Cadmium can benefit your organization:

Event Technology Platform

  • Produce meetings, conferences, and trade shows.
  • Host live, virtual, and hybrid events.
  • Engage participants with websites and apps.
  • Sell booths, sponsorship opportunities, and ad space.

Content Tools & Services

  • Collect content and information from stakeholders.
  • Use video creation and event production tools and services.
  • Communicate with speakers, exhibitors, and attendees.
  • Manage event schedules, logistics, and more.

Learning Management System (Elevate)

  • Record and publish on-demand and livestream content.
  • Deliver year-round engagement, live webinars, and webcasts.
  • Monetize attendance, registration, and content.
  • Collect payments and create reports.

Continuing Education Software

  • Provide continuing education credits and certificates.
  • Deliver live and on-demand educational content.
  • Distribute educational materials and learning activities.
  • Build membership communities and year-round activities.

A key component of the iMIS ecosystem, Cadmium extends and expands your organization’s capabilities and drives your association’s digital transformation so you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members.

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