Clowder is a collaboration app platform for member groups, designed to offer a year-round mobile engagement solution with individual branding, robust analytics, and a simple-to-navigate dashboard for associations and nonprofits.

Part of the iMIS ecosystem, Clowder integrates seamlessly with iMIS to provide member engagement opportunities through a high-quality mobile user experience, facilitating networking, a new line of communication, and new ad revenue streams.

Here’s a sample of how Clowder can benefit your organization and your members on mobile:

Benefits for Members

  • Forum: Connect, collaborate, and share ideas.
  • News: Stay informed through news, polls, RSS feeds, and user-generated content.
  • Directory: View a digital member address book searchable by name, type, geolocation, and more.
  • Messaging: Communicate via one-to-one or group chats.
  • Profile: Manage their account, schedule events, renew dues, and more.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Events: Support events with agendas, session surveys, attendee lists, sponsor information, and more.
  • Notifications: Send instant alerts to members, committees, or other groups.
  • Resources: Share key resources through a digital hub.
  • Advertising: Develop new revenue streams through digital display ads and sponsored content.

A key component of the iMIS ecosystem, Clowder extends and expands your organization’s capabilities and drives your association’s digital transformation so you can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members.

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