ISGwebisgweb1 extends iMIS to help associations meet their unique business needs. It requires no programming and uses an N-tier architecture for effortless upgrades and management.


ISGweb benefits



Clean upgrades

ISGweb preserves the association’s upgrade path regardless of the extent of system customization. This is because it uses an N-tier architecture where standardized code is separated from custom configuration options.


Compatible with CMS

ISGweb’s .NET forms are compatible with any website, regardless of programming language. 

Links to all ISGweb forms can be embedded into any content or navigation item. ISGweb forms appear completely within the context of the association website structure.

There’s no separate website navigation structure or style sheet needed for ISGweb components. They inherit their styles from the same style sheet the website uses.


Staff can manage pages without programming

An online administrator module allows your staff to configure ISGweb pages with minimal training and without any programming. Using an intuitive navigation structure, almost every page in the application can be configured and drilled down to all of its components.

ISGweb component attributes include access restrictions, page titles, field prompts, instruction text links, validation logic, error messages, and field-level security.


Effortless integration

ISGweb protects the integrity of the association’s iMIS database by calling on SOA Web Services for database updates. The .NET infrastructure is also fully compatible with upgrading to the .NET version of SOA Web Services.


Unified login

ISGweb’s unified login feature ensures automatic synchronization with other website authentication systems. You can unify an unlimited number of websites with ISGweb’s user data.


Link to forms in the right places

Links that open ISGweb forms can be inserted anywhere in an association’s main website — even in other ISGweb forms — so that the user can act immediately at the logical point where the incentive is strongest.

For example, you can insert a button that links to a membership application wherever member/non-member pricing appears. If someone decides to become a member in the middle of a transaction, he or she can take advantage of member pricing in real-time, as part of the same transaction.

After users complete an ISGweb form or process, users return to wherever they left off. It doesn’t require additional navigation. The user will instantly see the benefits of the transaction.


Provide relevant lists

A link to ISGweb lists can filter automatically and display only a certain subset of items. This makes it possible to promote different products or events for different contexts, highlighting only those items relevant to the user’s current interest.

On an Education page, for example, the link to the ISGweb calendar can list just education courses, or courses relevant to a particular certification program.


N-tier architecture benefits

Because it separates functions, ISGweb’s multi-tier application architecture is flexible, reusable, and upgradeable.

ISGweb uses a metadata-based presentation layer. Its supplemental sub-routines can be inserted into the business logic layer of any standard ISGweb process. This makes it possible to automate the association’s unique data validation and business processing rules.

By separating the logic and the presentation layer, the ISGweb integration layer can be upgraded to match the current version of iMIS. It does not require re-coding features configured to meet the association’s needs.

Furthermore, in separating the association’s procedures and business rules from standardized ISGweb code, ISGweb can incorporate many unique factors without compromising the upgrade path.

As a result, the look and feel of the website can be updated with having to re-code all the other features.


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