iMIS Top Rated Association Management Software

iMIS20iMIS does much so more than other association management software systems (AMS)! It handles: membership database management, dashboards and reporting, content management system (CMS) with responsive website design, collaboration, community, and more — all in a single platform!

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Get Up and Running Faster

Your team can personalize community, web pages, self-service, and social media widgets — all without programming. Because iMIS 20 RiSE produces responsive websites, it’s mobile-friendly without the extra work.

Cut Costs

Switching to cloud-based iMIS 20 RiSE reduces costs because you won’t need hardware or maintain the software. That’s all done for you. You’ll know exactly what to budget for each month.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With the cloud-based iMIS 20, you can take care of business from anywhere. Your team members can access the info they need on mobile devices, laptops, and computers away from the office.


Managers who need reports can access staff-only sites with the latest numbers.

Do Everything in One Place

The member portal and website are not two separate entities. Everything is under one roof in iMIS 20 RiSE. No one has to learn two different tools. Events, chapter sites, dashboards … everything can be in RiSE.

Engage with Everyone

iMIS 20 RiSE is an engagement management system (EMS) that gives your team the tools to connect with everyone, everywhere on every device. Result: more engagement, greater satisfaction, higher retention rates, and increased revenue.

Control Secure Access

Your team sets rules for who can post and approve content for specific parts of the website. No more delays in waiting for another team to post the information. Updates go up faster and they’re more accurate because they come from the team responsible for that information.

Set Up Easy-to-Update Event Sites 

Hosting an event? It’s easier than ever to create and update websites for conferences and events. Event organizers can get admin access to just the event website and update it themselves. Adding content is as easy as using Word.

Dozens of Software Integration Solutions

Whether you are integrating iMIS with your website’s content management system, mobile app or association event planning system, ISG Solutions can offer you many options for 3rd party software integration.

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