ISGweb Module: Donations

isgweb1Your website is a great place to encourage people to contribute to your cause. The Donations module makes it easy for visitors to act as soon as they’re compelled.

This module allows you to accept contributions online with real-time credit card authorization and processing. It collects donation information that are needed for follow-up, such as recognition of donors and where to send notifications. Integrating this with your financial and fundraising software ensures that donations are processed promptly and follow your business rules.

Donations module features include:

  • Allow members to select from a directory of giving opportunities using eye-catching graphics and descriptions.
  • Let users open an online donations form for a particular fund from the comprehensive directory, or from links set up anywhere in your site.
  • Set up the look and layout of the donations form for each fund.
  • Offer donors a choice of giving types as part of the donation to one general fund, allowing them to designate a particular purpose for their gift.
  • Suggested giving levels and list of donor clubs encourage donors to make the highest gift they can afford.
  • Donor can specify how association should recognize the gift, specifying a full name, married couple, organization, or anonymous.
  • Provide option to make donation in someone’s memory.
  • New donors can add their profile to the database from the same form, and the system will alert them if they may already have a profile in the database.
  • A single credit card payment can process gifts to multiple funds, as well as other types of ecommerce transactions from the same shopping cart.
  • Automatically sends email receipt after Verisign completes the payment process, thanking each donor by name for the gift.

Integrating the Donations modules with your association management software allows you to connect donations to member records and to fundraising giving categories. This makes it possible to include online donations in your donors’ giving history, and to track the overall success of each campaign, appeal, and distribution in your fundraising system.

PAC Contributions
Your association may suggest that members make contributions to their PAC as part of their conference registration, with a single payment covering both transactions. PAC contributions often happen this way. By designating certain meeting functions as relating to a particular campaign or appeal, some events may also accept donations as part of a meeting registration.

The PAC Contributions component of ISGweb Donations addresses the need to accept these types of donations and process them correctly:

  • The solicitation for the fund or PAC is included as part of the event registration. A page describing the fund suggests donation levels and provides the option of skipping the contribution.
  • If the user elects to contribute and the fund is a PAC, a verification screen asks for confirmation that the user is qualified to contribute, according to election laws.
  • When the registration payment is processed, both the meeting registration and the contribution are processed in your financial and fundraising software based on their transaction type and your business rules.

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