ISGweb Module: Company Management

isgweb1Associations that have companies as members face unique challenges in providing their members with effective online access. Typically, an individual can log into the website, but the membership status, pricing, profile demographics, and online transactions that are relevant to the online experience all relate to the company rather than the individual.

The Company Management module provides organizations with the tools needed to designate certain individuals as primary contacts, allowing them to manage the company profile online.

The primary contact can update company contact information and important company-related demographic information. This person can create a roster of individuals who are eligible for association benefits. Even if the individuals have never interacted with the association before, they’ll be able to log into your website with a pre-defined username and password and receive the appropriate member benefits.

This roster can be viewed in a graphical tree structure, making it easy to see all individuals and other entities linked to a company record, along with their roles.

With minimal required information, new employees can be added to the roster easily. The system automatically assigns a company ID, a username and password, and determines the application membership type. After checking for duplicates, it creates an iMIS record for each individual. It also sends them a notification and login information for accessing the association’s website. It’s easy to remove individuals who are no longer employed by the company or should not be linked to the organization.

Rosters are managed using the same business logic as iMIS, with company flow-down rules, relationship roles, and multi-level branch hierarchy.

The Company Management module also offers:

  • Email-based login for occasional users.
  • Group registration, so members can be registered separately and paid for in one transaction.
  • Ecommerce transactions can be billed on behalf of the company account and paid for with a purchase order.

By combining the Company Management with the Membership Application module, you can process company memberships online. The primary contact can update company demographics and statistics, which can be used to correctly calculate dues.

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