Planning Your Virtual Event: Encouraging Engagement

Virtual Event Engagement

At a virtual event, the more participation you have, the better. Period. Unlike in-person meetings and conferences, virtual events are attended through a computer screen, which means distraction is just one click away. This can make engagement a challenge, but with the help of technology and a little creativity on […]

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Planning Your Virtual Event: Scheduling Sessions

Scheduling Your Virtual Event

One of the most important benefits of a virtual event is the opportunity to reach a larger audience. With no travel involved, your attendees’ time is more flexible — and you can cover more content in a shorter period of time. To take full advantage of these time-saving benefits, you […]

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Planning Your Virtual Event: Creating Compelling Content

Virtual Event Content

When you’re planning a successful virtual event, the attendee experience should be priority #1. At in-person conferences and meetings, just being in the room — being part of a live audience and listening to a compelling speaker — can be an entertaining, invigorating experience. View that same presentation on a […]

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Planning Your Virtual Event: Choosing Your Speakers

Planning a Virtual Event

In-person events have long been an essential part of any well-planned marketing strategy. Annual conferences, trade shows, meetings, workshops — they’re all smart ways for organizations and associations to create engagement between customers and members, build brand awareness, and bring people together to network and share industry information. But now, […]

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