We’ve been talking a ton about iMIS EMS Enterprise — describing features, discussing the transition, and documenting implementation lessons learned. But did you know you already have some pretty fantastic functionality at your fingertips with your existing iMIS? 

We’d like to shine a spotlight on four powerful functionalities that are just waiting to be explored and exploited for the benefit of your organization and its members.

Functionality #1: Creating Your Own Websites

Did you know you can quickly and efficiently create different websites for diverse purposes in iMIS — without writing a single line of code? 

Thanks to iMIS RISE, the framework for the entire iMIS system, you have the ability to generate websites for your organization, its conferences, other events — the sky’s the limit. You can produce a company website from scratch or copy last year’s conference website and update it for this year’s event. It’s not entirely effortless, but almost! 

iMIS provides everything you need to design and deploy professional websites, giving you complete control over your online public presence — and perhaps allowing you to stop paying an outside vendor for something you can quite easily do in-house. 

Functionality #2: Writing Your Own Event Registration Rules

Did you know iMIS offers robust event registration configuration options and capabilities?

You may be thinking about the myriad rules your organization imposes around event registration pricing, payment, logistics, etc., and thinking, “No way can iMIS handle the complexities involved!” You’d be wrong.

Want different pricing for different days? For different groups? Want attendees to pay at registration but exhibitors and/or sponsors be allowed to pay later, upon invoice? Want to be sure attendees can only sign up once for certain sessions or prevent conflicts for people who are both speaking and attending? You can do it all!

iMIS offers outstanding flexibility with its event registration functionality, putting you in charge and permitting you to effectively manage even the most complex event registration rules.

Functionality #3: Simplifying Your Fundraising Operations

Did you know you can almost instantly deploy a give-and-go “Give Now” website donation page?

While iMIS does support more complex fundraising operations, it also boasts an elegantly simple donation page that captures details for everyone (from long-time members to new contacts) and processes their donations in a single step on a single webpage with a straightforward, easy-to-use interface. You get simplicity, for sure, but there’s the added bonus of having these donations processed just like any other iMIS financial transactions — so you can stop paying a third-party vendor a portion of your precious donation proceeds.

With iMIS Help providing step-by-step instructions for setting up this functionality, simplifying your fundraising is quite literally at your fingertips.

Functionality #4: Streamlining Your Email Marketing and Other Communications

Did you know iMIS provides seamless email transmitting and tracking functionality?

Pulling from iMIS’s powerful database, you can go from looking up a contact to calling up an email interface — with that contact’s key information already pre-filled — to sending your message in a matter of seconds. Whether you want to send one-off messages or need to identify a particular population and manipulate mail-merge tools to transmit to a list, iMIS has you covered. 

You can create your own templates on the front end, which saves significant time. And everything is tracked on the back end, with iMIS keeping contact-specific communication logs, which maintains transparent communications across your organization.

Stop the madness of scooting back and forth between iMIS and Outlook (or another interface). Streamline and save yourself significant time — and possibly money.

Now You Know!

iMIS is the complete package, but it’s admittedly a large system, and it can take time and energy to familiarize yourself with every one of its features and functionalities. That’s where ISG can help. We’re happy to work together to identify existing operational inefficiencies and outline opportunities to enhance performance by leveraging current iMIS capabilities.

Want to talk to us about what (more) iMIS can do for your organization and its members? Leave a message in the comments or contact us directly. We’re here, as we have been for more than 30 years, to help clients with the systems and solutions that make them successful.