At ISG Solutions, we’re dedicated to doing the work of taking care of your business so you can focus on the business at hand. But we find there’s quite a bit of fun to be had, along with the work, as we continue through these days of iMIS EMS discovery, unearthing new features and functionalities on what feels like a weekly basis.

We highlighted three fabulous new iMIS EMS Enterprise features in a January blog — features we’re still excited about. But that was just the start. We’re back to share five additional functionalities we’ve discovered that add to the appeal of implementing iMIS EMS Enterprise.

Discovery #1: Dramatic Improvements to Dynamic Groups

iMIS EMS Enterprise provides updates to your dynamic groups that are both automatic and instantaneous. When a new member joins online, iMIS EMS Enterprise identifies them as such, adds them to all the appropriate groups in the system, and grants them on-the-spot access to all the features and functionalities available to a dues-paying member. 

This means new members can join your association and, within minutes of activating their membership, do everything from registering for your upcoming event at the appropriate member price to accessing member-only content on your website. 

With this superb new streamlining, the days of having staff manually add members to groups — a process that often delays member benefits — are over.

Discovery #2: Wonderful New Member Waitlists

iMIS EMS Enterprise allows members who want to attend an event that appears full to register, pay, and be put on a waitlist, all with a single visit to your association’s website. The system further gives your association the ability to automatically notify the member if/when space opens up and their registration is accepted. 

For members who currently have to contact association staff to be put on a waitlist, and the staff who have to maintain and manage that waitlist, the efficiency gains of this functionality aren’t to be underestimated!

Discovery #3: Comprehensive Click-Through Capabilities

iMIS EMS Enterprise gives system administrators the power to make additional information available to users faster and more easily with click-through progress tracker iParts.

Your sysadmin can set up a dashboard that allows a user to click on “Total Member Companies” and access a list of those companies. Then, the user clicks on one of the member companies on that list to access details about that company. 

The same can be done for any other iPart — your sysadmin can provide instant, intuitive access to as many levels of underlying information as your database supports. How’s that for delivering on at least part of the promise of data analytics? 

Discovery #4: An Informative Data Integrity Dashboard

iMIS EMS Enterprise helps you keep your database clean with a new, built-in, data integrity dashboard that simplifies and streamlines efforts to identify data issues. The dashboard sports built-in tracking of:

  • New and recently updated contacts
  • Contacts with missing or invalid names
  • Contacts with other missing details, like phone number and email address
  • Contacts with bad addresses, such as invalid countries
  • Membership anomalies, like invalid products or missing join dates
  • Users without a company ID
  • Locked-out users

Having the ability to quickly and easily identify problematic data is a huge help when it comes to dealing with data integrity. You still have to manually fill in what’s missing or fix what’s wrong, but the system gets you at least halfway there by showing you where to start and what to spend time on.

Discovery #5: Crisp, Easy-to-Use Contact Alerts

iMIS EMS Enterprise makes it a cinch to add contact alerts to whatever contact record you’re currently using. 

A new, built-in tab offers the opportunity to create an alert that, if designated as “active” (versus “inactive,” which might be used for a simple “note to file”) shows up immediately on the right side of the contact record for all internal system users. 

The representation of each alert corresponds to the severity you select:

  • A blue “i” indicates the alert is merely informative
  • A yellow triangle indicates the alert provides a warning
  • A red exclamation point indicates the alert is urgent

So, in a quick minute, you can write significant notes in a text box, tell the system how important they are, and have that information conveyed instantaneously to your team for swift action or as ongoing advice. Talk about a pretty cool communication tool!

Worth the Work!

We all know there’s no way to teleport from iMIS 2017 to iMIS EMS Enterprise — it’s going to take time, energy, and effort to get from here to there. But the more we get to know iMIS EMS Enterprise, the longer the list of discoveries grows, and the greater value we see in initiating implementation.

Want to talk to us about any of the functionalities above? Or any of the other fabulous new features you’ll only find in iMIS EMS Enterprise? Leave a message in the comments or contact us directly. We’re here to help with the systems and solutions that make our clients successful.