Digital transformation is all the rage right now — and for good reason!

Why wouldn’t your organization want to leverage technology to maximize operational efficiency for your staff and value for the members, customers, and clients you serve?

At its core, digital transformation is about deploying technology to create new or improve existing processes so your organization can do more, do it faster and more efficiently, and do it in ways that are seamless, easier for staff, and better for your members, customers, and clients.

Why Associations and Nonprofits Choose ISG
ISG knows about leveraging technology to help associations and nonprofits reach peak performance and optimize outcomes — we’ve been delivering award-winning technology services and solutions to clients for 30+ years!

We’re especially well known for nurturing long-term relationships with our clients — relationships that allow ISG to learn the ins and outs of each organization and tailor solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Why Organizations Choose iMIS
iMIS is the only engagement management system (EMS) purpose-built for associations and nonprofits. With all baseline association and nonprofit functionality baked in, iMIS provides a solid foundation for your operations.

And it doesn’t end there!

There’s an entire ecosystem built around iMIS that delivers additional capabilities that enhance your capacity to operate more effectively, improve day-to-day processes for staff, and increase your organization’s value proposition for members, customers, and clients.

What the iMIS Ecosystem Provides
Want to institute a learning management system (LMS)? Award scholarships through an online process? Manage your collection of abstracts?

There are third-party ecosystem products — many found in the iMIS Marketplace — that let you do all that.

But wait, there’s more!

Third-party vendors supply a wide variety of products that integrate with iMIS to extend and expand your organization’s capabilities — with more options being added to the iMIS ecosystem all the time.

ISG Goes Even Further
At ISG, we offer our own range of iMIS ecosystem tools — products and integrations — designed to
provide additional functionality.

And we’re expert integrators who know how make third-party iMIS ecosystem products and our own iMIS ecosystem tools work perfectly with your iMIS system.

Ready to Dive into Digital Transformation?
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ISG combines decades of iMIS experience and up-to-date information about the robust — and growing! — iMIS ecosystem with our systems integration expertise to help you do digital transformation right.

Let ISG take care of your business so you can focus on the business at hand.