Introducing the iMIS RiSE Virtual Webmaster

We are excited to introduce a brand new service for associations using iMIS 20 RiSE – a Virtual RiSE Webmaster.

With iMIS 20 RiSE, your website, your membership database, and online staff and
member functionality are encompassed in one tool, RiSE!  Your website is a true data- driven, live resource for users.

As a result, an increasing number of associations have realized that it doesn’t make sense to have separate software to manage their website. They can save thousands of dollars – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars – by taking advantage of the ability to have your website in iMIS.

Using iMIS makes the website easier to manage and keeps the website up-to-date because all website changes can be made in-house.

However, bringing website management in-house can sometimes be overwhelming. Associations that no longer have a third-party partner to manage the site can find that they do not have the time or expertise needed to manage the site or to make more complex changes and they miss the strategic advice from their partner.

Enter ISG’s new Virtual RiSE Webmaster!

Now associations can have a part-time, dedicated webmaster who learns your website, understands your issues, and provides the high-level support you need at a reasonable price.

Your Virtual RiSE Webmaster helps you with sophisticated or complex changes:

  • Create a new theme for your annual conference website.
  • Change the website navigation so members can find information more easily.
  • Give your home page a facelift.
  • Add a widget, such as web chat, to the site.
  • SSL purchase advice, implementation and support.

You also get strategic vision and insights from your Virtual RiSE Webmaster, who can:

  • Answer questions about website strategy.
  • Maximize search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Provide advice about content strategy.
  • Interpret Google Analytics and make recommendations.

If your association might benefit from having a Virtual RiSE Webmaster, I invite you to stop by booth 114 at the ASAE Technology Conference to learn more. Or visit our website and schedule a time to talk about the Virtual RiSE Webmaster service with one of our iMIS experts.