More than a few of our clients are telling us they didn’t ask for, nor do they really want to engage in, the impending transition to the cloud — to iMIS EMS Enterprise. And we understand why you might be feeling a little (or maybe more than a little) trepidation about this significant change.

Some of your unease may be due to the nature of technological advancement, which can challenge us to do things differently. But these changes, whether we ask for them or not, help us learn and grow. And we almost always come out better off on the other side — and you likely know that and acknowledge this counterpoint.

As for your other concerns, our educated guess would be that much of your apprehension stems from one or more misconceptions about this transition. And we’re taking this opportunity to address what we view as the most glaring misconceptions.

Misconception #1: Much Ado About Nothing

You’ve lived through your share of standard upgrades, which have been relatively easy and straightforward. This is just more of the same, so why the fuss?

Fact: This is definitely not a standard upgrade. It’s not simply the addition of one more piece of functionality or the enhancement of an existing feature. iMIS EMS Enterprise is an altogether new and complete cloud-based system that does even more than your current version of iMIS. And does it better, faster, and more securely — which explains why it’s a pretty big deal.

The fuss is entirely warranted.

Misconception #2: Changing Systems? Why Not Change Systems Altogether?

You may be thinking that if you have to make a change, why not take the opportunity to change to an entirely new system for your organization? Something offered by a company other than ASI?

Fact: Adopting to a completely different system can easily take years — and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s before accounting for any new-system learning curve costs.

For most of you who have been using iMIS for decades, the transition to iMIS EMS Enterprise is indeed a major change. There’s no sugarcoating it: in terms of time and money, for many of you we’re talking months and tens of thousands of dollars.

But when you compare that to the costs of changing to an entirely new system, which choice is easier and less expensive?

Misconception #3: There Go Our Customizations

You’ve spent a fair amount of time (not to mention money) over the years, tailoring your iMIS system to your organization’s needs. By now, that system fits like a glove. But when the old iMIS system goes away, so do all those customizations that have made your life simpler and easier, right?

Fact: We can customize in the cloud. It’s done quite differently from a technical standpoint, and requires a review of your existing customizations, decisions about which ones you still find useful, and plans for how to address those you want carried into iMIS EMS Enterprise. But it absolutely can be done.

You can count on customization continuity with this transition.

Misconception #4: Missing Tools

There are things you need and want to do that the iMIS system can’t handle, so you’re forced to rely on external platforms. Case in point: You use WordPress to create and host websites, and you’ll have to continue doing it even after the transition. It’s not simple. It’s not efficient. But what choice is there?

Fact: The RiSE Development platform, which forms the foundation of the entire iMIS system, is incredibly powerful — and it includes a suite of tools for modifying and extending all aspects of the system. For this particular situation there’s Site Builder, which provides a way to build, launch, and manage websites cleanly and neatly within the iMIS EMS Enterprise system.

Feel like you’re missing tools? They’re there — and we can help you find them.

Misconception #5: The Train Is Moving; It’s Hard to Catch Up and Get On Board

This transition is happening whether or not you feel like you’re ready. It’s time to get with the program, but you feel like you’re behind and you’re not sure how to catch up. You’re overwhelmed and you’re not sure anybody can help.

Fact: We’re here. As we always have been. And always intend to be. To educate and inform. To meet you where you are and get you where you want to go. With this transition to iMIS EMS Enterprise, as with everything else we do, our mission is client-focused and clear: Your growth and success is our growth and success as well.

So, take a deep breath, give us a call, and let’s work together to make this transition — and the technological advancements it brings — work for you.