Migrate to iMIS Staff Site

This is the year to move from iMIS Desktop to Staff Site. The functionality is robust. The potential to learn more from your data and better serve members is real. Your staff and board deserve to have the greater efficiencies that are now possible, and your members will love the enhancements you can now provide.

To help you successfully migrate from the desktop version of iMIS to the web-based environment, we have developed a checklist for you can use.

Staff Site requires web-based infrastructure, with cloud
configuration preferred.
• Will you migrate to the cloud or keep your own
• If the cloud, will ASI Cloud work or do you need ISG
Cloud’s greater flexibility to integrate with third-party
vendors and customizations?
• If your own infrastructure, who will provide the
technical support for setup and maintenance?
Staff Site is web-based, rather than desktop-based,
which means you can’t use the new system the same
way you used the old one.
• Do you want to take advantage of the web-based
system’s greater flexibility to tailor the Staff Site to match
each department’s workflow?
• Which departments would benefit most from the
efficiencies of a more tailored system (that requires
very little training)?
New Features
How much of the new functionality is relevant for you?
• Enhanced communications, with built-in email
tracking that records interactions with your emails.
• Query system that makes it very easy to extract data.
• Mobile access, with availability on every device.
You define the views that staff, members, and the board
will see.
• Who needs to see what?
• How should the information be organized?
Custom Reports
You have invested in an extensive roster of custom
reports that are the lifeblood of your operations. With
the web-based system, you can’t create and access these
reports in the
same way anymore. But you don’t want to rewrite all
of your reports.
• Which reports are run infrequently and can be left
• Which reports are needed at your fingertips?
• Which reports need to be available on any device
with the very latest data?
• Which reports need to be revised and updated?
• What new reports do you need?

Sound like a lot of work? We understand. But don’t delay your upgrade. The organizations that are using Staff Site are seeing significant bottom-line benefits.

Staff Site offers:

• Easy to use web-based interface for staff, members and board
• Dashboard visibility that meets the expectations of today’s users
• Vital statistics you need for member engagement and growth
• Access to real-time data anywhere, on any device

ISG can help you take advantage of all these new capabilities. We walk you through the decisions that need to be made, with a deep understanding of all the implications. We’ll help you make the right decisions for your association. And we have the expertise to handle whatever issues arise for your association, whether they involve technology, integrations, or training.

Let’s go through this checklist together and discuss the enhancements that this upgrade can bring to your infrastructure, workflow and reporting. And we can come up with a plan for your implementation.