ISGweb Module: Administrator

isgweb1No matter how perfectly ISGweb is configured for your association, you’ll want to make changes at some point. The administrator module lets your webmaster or ISGweb admin make ongoing modifications without programming.

They’ll be able to add text to ISGweb pages for all ISGweb modules and change, hide, or add field labels. You can select demographic fields and make them visible in the Unified Login and Create Account, View and Update Profile or Company Management modules.

Administrator module features:

  • Modify any component on any page. This includes screen titles, field prompts, and attributes of data fields. Some available attributes are default value, field length, visibility, and field order.
  • Set page-level and field-level security based on organization-defined user roles.
  • Insert your own formatted instructions anywhere on the page, such as headers or describing sections of a form.
  • Set up formatting masks to increase data accuracy, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and dates.
  • Insert your own data validation and processing rules wherever a user is prompted to submit information to ensure data is accurate.
  • Maintain your upgrade path for ISGweb and iMIS as your preferences and custom rules are separate from the core code.

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What’s next?

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