GoToWebinar Module Featured Image

In today’s digital world, it’s important for organizations and associations to offer a variety of learning opportunities to their members. This includes e-learning events — online information programs — which are often run through the GoToWebinar platform.

GoToWebinar is a user-friendly, cost-effective webinar platform that allows associations to deliver both live and on-demand content online. This service is invaluable for individuals, businesses, schools, and associations that want to get information out to the masses, but where each event is traditionally a stand-alone product. This means, when attending an event that’s hosted on GoToWebinar, users need to register directly through the GoToWebinar platform. That is, until now.

At ISG, we recognized that many of our association partners were using the platform to host online events, but they needed a way to integrate GoToWebinar into the iMIS platform. To make sharing registration information between the two programs as seamless as possible, we created a GoToWebinar module for iMIS that can be integrated with any iMIS database.

Here’s how it works: When a member logs on to an association’s website to register for an event or meeting, the installed module automatically connects that information with GoToWebinar and writes the activity into iMIS. This means the user doesn’t have to register in both platforms. Instead, when they register for the event through the iMIS site they are automatically registered in GoToWebinar — the platform that will ultimately host the event.

This is a simple solution that streamlines the registration process and can help your association solve the complicated problem of how to optimize data to increase member engagement and, ultimately, drive revenue. Other benefits include:

  • A single sign-on through a common interface to simplify registration
  • Visibility of all sign-ups from both programs
  • Ability to track members’ GoToWebinar activity in iMIS
  • Verification of payment before allowing registration

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