ISG Solutions Announces ISGweb Version 1.5

Adds support for vouchers, promotional codes and other discounts;
Expands ISGweb Communities module

Rockville, MD (December 7, 2006)—ISG Solutions announced version 1.5 of ISGweb, a software suite that allows associations to provide a wide variety of services to members over the Internet, including online communities, directories, a buyers’ guide, event registration, and product sales. ISGweb offers seamless, real-time integration with iMIS. This tight integration lets the association’s website take advantage of the detailed information in iMIS to provide a better experience on the website, and eliminates the need for multiple databases that can get out of sync. With ISGweb, both the website and iMIS display information about members and products that is accurate to the minute.

With the release of ISGweb version 1.5, ISG has expanded ISGweb’s e-commerce capabilities to include support for sophisticated discounting via promotional tools such as vouchers, coupons, gift cards, and group registration discounts, which are not typically supported by association e-commerce solutions.

The ISGweb shopping cart now allows users to add one or more discount eligibility codes when checking out. The system automatically validates the code number and checks its available balance and the presence of qualifying conditions before calculating the applicable discount.

  • Promo codes and coupons, used to measure the reach of the association’s marketing message, are available to any user who sees them, whereas vouchers and gift cards are uniquely numbered and distributed to association members for redemption only for specified types of purchases.

  • Each discount code can be restricted by expiration date or dollar amount. Gift cards, for instance, have a set dollar value that can be applied to multiple items, while vouchers may be usable only once, even if a balance remains. Discounts can be limited to specific products, categories or events.

  • ISGweb can calculate discounts based on a flat dollar amount or by discount percent. Discounting rules, such as discounts for group registrations or bulk purchases, can be applied to any item or combination of items in the shopping cart.

Significant enhancements have also been made to the ISGweb Communities module, which supports the development and management of online communities on an association’s website:

  • Community members can flag certain topics or discussions and have them displayed as news in the association’s RSS feeder.

  • A “Subscribe Now” feature lets members pay for access to certain communities whenever they want to join, even outside the normal dues cycle.

  • The community setup tool now allows association staff to query iMIS to identify members with certain interests and then easily create a community made up of these people; for example, subscribers to a journal, registrants for an event, or a group of experts.

  • When a community is created or members are added to a community, invitations are e-mailed automatically, along with a notification to the community leader.

  • Moderators now have more flexibility and a greater ability to fine-tune the controls for the forums they moderate.

The full ISGweb suite of web modules includes 14 modules. The three core modules are required: Unified Login & Create Account, Update Profile, and Administrator. The other modules can be purchased individually: Membership Directory, Leadership Directory, Buyers Guide, Find a Professional, Company Profile Management, Membership Application, Dues Renewal, Events Calendar, Meeting Setup & Registration, Product Catalog, Communities, and Donations.

About ISG Solutions
ISG Solutions, a software integrator that implements and supports iMIS association management software, is one of the largest Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs). ISG is also the developer of ISGweb for iMIS, a suite of Web-based software modules that extends iMIS, allowing associations to obtain greater value from the information stored in their iMIS database. More than 300 clients have chosen ISG as their technology partner. ISG Solutions is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and maintains a website at

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