ISG Solutions Announces Version 1.3 of ISGweb

Adds New Donations Module
More Than 60 Associations Have Acquired ISGweb

Rockville, MD (September 6, 2006)—ISG Solutions announced version 1.3 of ISGweb, a software suite that allows associations to provide a wide variety of services to members over the Internet, including online communities, directories, a buyers’ guide, event registration, and product sales. ISGweb offers seamless, real-time integration with an association’s member database, so the association’s website can take advantage of all the information the association maintains about its members. In addition, both the website and member database display information about members and products that is accurate to the minute.

Version 1.3 includes a new Donations module that offers an information-rich presentation that makes it easy for members and website visitors to donate online, while providing real-time integration with the fundraising and financial components defined in the iMIS Fundraising back-office system. The new module takes advantage of new capabilities included in version 10.6 of iMIS, including the ability to designate meetings as fundraising events and allow donors to enter free-form memorial/in-honor-of names instead of having to look up an iMIS ID.

More than 60 associations have now purchased ISGweb, giving the software a significant user base,”said Terrie Noonan, executive vice president of ISG Solutions.” These associations are helping us evolve ISGweb so it gives them the power and flexibility they need to make their websites deliver the services their members need.”

Other new features in version 1.3 include:

  • Purchase order option—A “bill me” button can be offered on the Shopping Cart, allowing customers to enter purchase order numbers to complete a transaction.

  • Create new company—Members can create a new company record as part of a membership application.

  • Phone synchronization—The synchronization of work and home phone, fax, address and e-mail has been improved.

  • Registrations in global shopping cart—Members can register for a conference, pay for purchases, and make donations in the same shopping cart transaction.

  • Non-uniform group registration—Members can process registrations for a group of individuals, some of whom may have different pricing and registration options, with a single payment.

  • Event-specific demographic questions—An association can define a list of demographic questions to be asked during the registration process; the questions can be different for each event.

  • Administrator’s preview—The ISGweb Administrator can preview XSL web pages using hypothetical data to see what the results of formatting and conditional logic will be when viewed with a live browser.

  • Payment error handling—ISGweb immediately de-activates the payment button after one click, ensuring that users cannot accidentally make duplicate payments.

The full list of enhancements is explained in the Release Notes for ISGweb Version 1.3.

ISGweb is added to an existing website, seamlessly integrating the site in real time with the iMIS database. Forms, such as membership applications or meeting registrations, can be placed wherever they are needed and perfectly match the look and feel of the rest of the site. ISGweb uses the approved iMIS Business Objects tools from Advanced Solutions International, the developer of iMIS, so the association’s iMIS upgrade path is protected and data integrity is assured.

About ISG Solutions
ISG Solutions, a software integrator that implements and supports iMIS association management software, is one of the largest Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs). ISG is also the developer of ISGweb for iMIS, a suite of Web-based software modules that extends iMIS, allowing associations to obtain greater value from the information stored in their iMIS database. More than 300 clients have chosen ISG as their technology partner. ISG Solutions is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and maintains a website at

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