ISG Solutions Announces Re-branding of I-Web;
Suite of Association Web Modules to be Called ISGweb

Rockville, MD (January 22, 2007)—ISG Solutions today announced that it is changing the name of its suite of Web modules from I-Web to ISGweb. The re-branding is designed to eliminate the confusion caused by the name I-Web, which is used by a number of other companies for Web-related products.

“Since it was originally introduced, I-Web has grown significantly in popularity and functionality, expanding beyond its original scope,” said Terrie Noonan, executive vice president of ISG Solutions. “Re-naming it ISGweb allows us to more clearly identify the suite of modules with our company, taking advantage of our recognized brand, and helps avoid confusion with similarly named products that don’t deliver the same functionality.”

ISGweb is a suite of Web modules that can be plugged into an association’s existing website—without modifying or redesigning the site—to take advantage of the information stored in the association’s AMS to provide a better experience to members on the website. ISGweb offers real-time integration between the website and the AMS, making it possible to automate many processes that previously required manual attention from association staff.

ISGweb includes the following modules:

  • Unified Login & Create Account
  • Update Profile
  • Administrator
  • Membership Directory
  • Leadership Directory
  • Buyers Guide
  • Find A Professional
  • Company Profile Management
  • Membership Application
  • Dues Renewal
  • Events Calendar
  • Meeting Setup & Registration
  • Product Catalog
  • Communities
  • Donations

About ISG Solutions
ISG Solutions, a software integrator that implements and supports iMIS association management software, is one of the largest Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs). ISG is also the developer of I-Web for iMIS, a suite of Web-based software modules that extends iMIS, allowing associations to obtain greater value from the information stored in their iMIS database. More than 300 clients have chosen ISG as their technology partner. ISG Solutions is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and maintains a website at

Contact: Phil Varady, ISG Solutions, 301-519-3776 x148,