ISG Solutions Announces ISGweb for iMIS

ISGweb Provides an Inexpensive .NET Alternative to iMIS e-Series

Rockville, MD (July 20, 2004)—ISG Solutions announced ISGweb for iMIS, a software package that provides organizations using the iMIS association management software with the ability to handle all the Web-related business of their association. ISGweb can be plugged into an existing website, allowing an association to improve the member experience on its website without redesigning the site. ISGweb offers more extensive functionality than the iMIS e-Series Web modules, and is available for a fixed price that includes all installation costs. ISGweb uses the approved iMIS Business Objects tools from Advanced Solutions International, the developer of iMIS, so the association’s iMIS upgrade path is protected and data integrity is assured.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of members using an association’s website, ISGweb offers the following capabilities:

  • Unified login & account creation
  • Online updating of member profiles
  • Online membership directory
  • Leadership directory (committees, chapters, and staff)
  • Buyers’ guide
  • Membership application & dues renewal
  • Events calendar & simple meetings registration
  • Registration for annual conferences
  • Online meetings setup & planning (resource management)
  • Product catalog, sales & subscriptions

ISGweb’s functionality is comprehensive and clearly defined; there is no need for a preliminary design and analysis engagement. As a result, the installation is highly predictable, allowing ISG to offer the software and implementation for a fixed price.

“Virtually any association will be able to recover its investment within the first six months,” said Terrie Noonan, executive vice president of ISG Solutions. “Revenue should increase as a result of having more effective user interfaces in e-commerce sections of the site, and continue to improve month after month as more members are driven to the website. But the cost savings from improved workflow and reduced customization can be substantial. When the increased revenue and reduced costs are combined with a fixed price implementation, it becomes very easy to demonstrate a high ROI.”

ISGweb is added to an existing website, seamlessly integrating the site in real time with the iMIS database. Forms, such as membership applications or meeting registrations, can be placed wherever they are needed. This eliminates the need for a separate e-Series site. The forms take advantage of the site’s existing interface and navigation, so they perfectly match the look and feel of the rest of the site. ISGweb also uses the site’s security system, making it possible to add members-only functionality to forms without locating them in a separate members-only site.

“This software goes way beyond the e-Series in terms of flexibility,” said Beth Lilienstein, vice president of ISG Solutions. “There is no other product on the market today that offers iMIS users this combination of packaged support, functional depth, configurability, and ease-of-use. Our clients have been clamoring for this for years, and now that ISG has built up its software engineering capability, we are thrilled to be able to provide this solution to associations.”

ISGweb uses Microsoft .NET technology, rather than Cold Fusion. e-Series users who take advantage of ISGweb will not have to worry about migrating to Cold Fusion MX or having to support an older version of Cold Fusion. For associations that run their software over the Internet using a hosted model, there is no need to buy an additional Cold Fusion server to support ISGweb.

About ISG Solutions
ISG Solutions is a software integrator that implements and supports iMIS association management software and other software for associations. ISG also develops Microsoft .NET Web and back-office solutions that extend iMIS and other partners’ products. More than 300 clients have chosen ISG as their technology partner. ISG Solutions is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and maintains a website at

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