Contact Management

Get a unified view of every interaction with your members, supporters, and other constituents.
  • Manage contacts, address, and demographic information for individuals, organizations, or groups
  • Verify addresses at the point of entry or through batch address cleansing
  • Create unique reciprocal relationships between individuals or organizations
  • Allow designated users to manage contact information for companies, chapters, or committees

iMIS Membership Management Software

Membership Management
  • Boost member engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
  • Manage individual or company memberships and membership fees for multi-tiered, variable duration, and other complicated membership models
  • Allow members to join or renew memberships online, manage their own profiles, and view purchase history
  • Send automated, personalized email reminders about deadlines or scheduled payments
  • Manage chapter membership and track committee participation

iMIS Fundraising Software

Fundraising Management
  • Improve donor communication, engagement, and giving levels.
  • Process pledges/gifts of all types, including annual, major, recurring, planned, and tribute
  • Allow supporters to give online, manage their own profiles, and view donation history
  • Send automated, personalized email pledge reminders, gift acknowledgements, and donation receipts
  • Track and measure appeal, campaign, or fund performance

Financials & Accounting

Get a complete picture of your organization’s finances.
  • Easily manage daily financial batches, invoices, and adjustments
  • Accept payments securely with integrated payment processing that meets the highest standard for security
  • Utilize separate bank accounts for different types of payments such as membership fees, donations, event registrations, or product sales
  • Simplify processes by integrating with your accounting software, such as MS Dynamics or QuickBooks

Events Management

Transform your events into experiences with the latest mobile features and convenience your attendees want.
  • Manage the planning, logistics, communication, and registration for events of all types and sizes
  • Offer flexible pricing based on registration date, membership type, or other demographic information
  • Allow registrants to apply discount codes for special pricing
  • Automate reminder and thank you emails
  • Easily create a responsive event microsite with agenda, registrant directory, Twitter feed, and more

Certification & Education

Streamline and automate your credentialing, licensing, and certification processes.
  • Define multiple certification programs — each with a different set of criteria
  • Specify any combination of requirements for certification, including event attendance or product purchases
  • Allow applicants to apply and monitor their certification progress online
  • Send automated email reminders and notifications to applicants and certificants

Product Sales & Online Store

Manage online product sales and other financial transactions with a unified shopping cart experience.
  • Easily create a sophisticated online store with tax and shipping calculations
  • Allow users to buy products, renew membership fees, make donations, or register for events in shopping cart
  • Increase revenue by offering promotions and discounts across all payment areas
  • Ensure the highest level of security for credit card data with a PCI-Validated solution

Advertising Sales

Track and manage advertising opportunities from sales through insertion.
  • Process orders for many types of ads, including display, classified, and digital
  • Automate the placement of display and classified ads
  • Summarize ad activity by publication, account, territory, sales rep, time period, and ad type
  • Analyze sales performance with forecasting, competitive tracking, goals, and quotas

Campaigns & Email Marketing

Engage your constituents with personalized, automated, and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Manage a coordinated series of marketing activities including lists, sourcecodes, budgets, goals, and results
  • Easily define and save list segments for repeated use
  • Create, manage, and track complex sales opportunities including account ownership
  • E-mail individuals or groups and track delivery, opens, and click through rates
  • Easily personalize your email campaigns with data right from your iMIS system
  • Schedule and automate emails, including receipts, reminders, and updates

Online Forms

Easily design and deploy beautiful and functional online forms
  • Design and layout attractive forms using any combination of contact, address, user-defined or activity fields from iMIS EMS
  • Use a full-featured HTML template to apply custom styling and graphics to your forms
  • Existing iMIS data can be dynamically prefilled into any form
  • Add complex automation to your forms with post-submission processing

Payment Processing

Simple, secure, and affordable payment processing with iMIS Pay Central.
  • Enjoy next-day funding, directly to your bank account
  • Supports fully integrated voids and refunds, eliminating the need to process/post between separate systems and reducing the potential for human error
  • Includes automatic updates to expired and outdated card information daily
  • Access a secure, online portal to see your transactions in real-time, process reconciliations, run or export reports, and accept credit card payments offline

Website Management

Build a new website or connect to your current one.
  • Create seamless web content experiences with iMIS data dynamically placed on websites and portals.
  • Select from a gallery of configurable and responsive site templates to quickly and affordably design your website
  • Quickly build sophisticated web pages using highly configurable out-of-the-box web parts, such as menus, lists, charts, calendars, user profiles, and more
  • Let staff and volunteer leaders easily create and manage branded websites for committees, chapters, councils, ad hoc groups or special events
  • Use a unified search option to find web content as well as information from your iMIS database, including contacts, events, products, documents, and more

Mobile App

Engage members, supporters, and other constituents with a year-round mobile app powered by iMIS Mobile.
  • Replace one-time use event apps
  • Facilitate member-to-member networking
  • Provide a new line of communication to members
  • Produce new ad revenue streams

Engagement Scoring

Easily measure, track, and improve engagement with your members, donors and constituents.
  • Measure individual and company engagement with dashboards
  • Calculate engagement using components such as event attendance, products purchased, donations, committee participation, volunteer hours, online community participation, email opens and website visits
  • Track engagement scores by week, month or year

Process Automation

Improve staff productivity by automating manual tasks and communications.
  • Improve staff productivity and constituent engagement by automating manual tasks and communications
  • Schedule tasks — such as an email, report, or stored procedure — based on changes to database tables in iMIS EMS
  • Automate emails, including new-member welcomes, donation thank yous, and event reminders without burdening your staff — so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Display personalized announcements to your website users, including member renewal reminders, donation requests, or event announcements
  • Alert staff when viewing a constituent record in iMIS when data is missing (such as an email address) or there is a special status (volunteer, committee member or major donor)

Virtual Conferences

Provide your members with an intuitive and engaging virtual conference experience with iMIS Inspire.
  • Build event agendas with fully searchable session and digital agenda for your attendees, on-demand session library, speaker bios, & more.
  • Live stream entire conferences or specific sessions to global audiences of any size.
  • Use online forms to collect speaker info, review portal for your conference chairs, collect speaker slides/presentation materials, & more.
  • Create accessible networking & meaningful sponsorship engagement.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Single-Sign-On and the ability to restrict access to sessions from your event registration system

Applications & Reviews

Streamlining your streamline the application and review process with iMIS Inspire.
  • Leverage an online submission process, judging platform, administrative tools, and revenue engines to optimize awards program.
  • Easily manage large sets of submissions, allow reviewers to access the portal , and accommodate committee-based review and tiered judging permissions.
  • Collect and review abstracts, keep submitters informed, build online schedules, and automate room assignments and session ids.
  • Tailor the grants process to meet your specific needs, create personalized communications, easily navigate multiple review rounds, and utilize autoscoring.
  • Create a memorable website for all stakeholders, facilitate the nomination process, promote alumni and fellows, and evaluate your program’s success.

Dashboards & Reports

Achieve continuous performance improvement through real-time measurement of KPIs.
  • Powerful, flexible, self-service ad hoc reporting, dashboards and analytics powered by Exago BI
  • Easily configure standard dashboards and reports for your specific needs or create new ones with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, CSV, or RTF files
  • Drill into charts, link to related reports, adjust filter settings, resort data values, change chart types, and refresh report elements all from the fully responsive dashboard display screen

iMIS Bridge

Integrate iMIS
  • The iMIS Bridge is an integration platform developed and supported by award-winning iMIS Authorized Solution Provider ATS
  • Works with any version of iMIS and includes more than 120 integrations.
  • Supports Single Sign On (SSO) with SAML, OAuth and other protocols
  • Supports bi-directional integration for data exchange


Learning Management System
  • TopClass Learning Management System (LMS) is an education platform that helps organizations expand their online learning portfolio.
  • Award-Winning association LMS for more than 6 years running
  • Attractive, modern user interface is simple and intuitive across all devices
  • Bring all your learners together with virtual conferences and events
  • Track and manage rules and competencies for certification, all types of CE credits, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC)