Mornings with Megs

Every month we hold an informal Zoom call with clients where we talk about a specific topic related to iMIS.

It’s an informal Zoom chat – not a webinar – simply a casual group call to talk about issues where clients have questions or there’s something new that we want to share.

It’s a private call, open only to clients. Invitations are sent out a couple weeks before the call and folks need to register in advance.

If you are interested in joining us for a Mornings with Megs call, email

Mike Robey

Senior Director, Information Technology
American Academy of Otolaryngology

“Morning with Megs is a big benefit for ISG Customers. There is a true sense of community and it provides a casual opportunity to learn what is happening in the iMIS community. Today’s Morning with Megs was excellent. We can take advantage of all 3 features: report writer attachments to email templates, CSS custom code, and the new IQA templates. Great to see our investment in iMIS will be paying off.”