ISG Radius Search Directory

People often visit association websites to search for information regarding local providers or services, and providing accurate search results to those website visitors — both members and non-members — can be crucial to an organization’s success.

To help our clients better serve their members and other website visitors, ISG has created the ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE. This solution, now part of the iMIS ecosystem, provides on-demand provider/service search capability that allows users to narrow results by proximity to their location. The ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE can be built directly into our client’s existing user interfaces.

Here’s how it works for clients using iMIS EMS Enterprise Cloud, iMIS 2020 Advance Program, iMIS EMS Enterprise Self-Hosted, or iMIS 2017:

When ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE is accessed through a desktop computer or mobile device, the user’s location is automatically generated (provided the user permits the website to use their current location). Users can search for a provider or service by zip code and set the search radius to any distance from 1 mile to 100 miles. They are then provided a list of results that include provider/service name, location, contact information, and a link to their website (if permitted by the organization).

This is a simple solution that offers associations, their members, and other visitors to their websites immediate value, providing significant benefits that include:

  • Increased association website traffic.
  • Enhanced website user experiences.
  • Improved overall perception of an association’s value.

Learn moreAttend a webinar to see a demo of the ISG Radius Search Directory module or contact to talk about whether the ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE is a good solution for your association.