Your association collects data on membership engagement across multiple systems, but you’re still missing critical insights. We have the solution for you.

You Need to Get More from Your Data

Associations play a key role in bringing individuals together for discussion, learning, and collaboration. The more you understand about what motivates your members to connect and engage, the more effectively you can accomplish your mission.

iMIS Data Universe with Acumen Association Analytics

You collect an abundance of data, but the information sits siloed across multiple systems. How can you extract the insights to create the intelligent experiences that today’s members expect?

ISG brings Acumen, a hassle-free, hosted analytics program, to your daily operations. With Acumen, data from iMIS, community, email, learning management system (LMS), finance, and other data sources continuously funnels into one visual analytics dashboard for real-time, instant interpretation.

Every one of these systems gathers and stores data. Now you can move all of that data out of storage into actionable dashboards. You gain a 360-degree view, so you know who is interacting with your association, when, how, and where. The resulting insights allow you to make better business decisions, serving your members more effectively, improving retention and increasing revenue

Power of Acumen
Used by associations to make decisions that increase retention, member satisfaction, revenue, and event attendance

iMIS Integration
ISG applies more than 30 years of deep experience to inject best practices and methodologies into your iMIS-Acumen integration

SaaS Model
Includes support, maintenance, hosting. Built-in integrations. Upgrades and licenses included.

Screenshot of Acumen Business Intelligence

Actionable Data Optimized for Business Decisions

Acumen generates easy-to-use reports and visualizations that put integrated data at your fingertips. You customize the modules for your association. Your team can interpret current actions, develop strategic next steps, and increase membership and participation.

The American Society for Association Executives (ASAE) uses Acumen to bring member engagement data together to create a rich picture of overall member engagement and participation. ASAE entrusted data from 42,000+ members and 7,300+ organizations to A2 for building a consolidated architecture for analysis.

Acumen insights revealed:

  • 5X member-generated revenue from users with at least one community activity per moth
  • 6X more community activities from users who attended ASAE’s annual event
  • 50% more community activities from members who renewed

With Acumen, ASAE tracks retention, understands satisfaction, and analyzes member engagement in ways that empower them to meet expectations of association members. Get all the details in the ASAE-Acumen case study

Screenshot of Acumen analytics for association's annual event

Experience the Benefits of Acumen Today

Most association systems are designed to store transactional data. The power of an Acumen-iMIS integration is the ability to go deeper with implicit and behavioral data.

You get a look at behaviors, attitudes, interests, opinions – the type of insight needed to deliver an Amazon-like experience. The data also empowers staff to focus on the most effective approaches for their activities. You’ll see what leads to renewals, purchases, event registrations and more.

  • Make better decisions, faster
    Data that is accurate, consistent, current, and integrated offers you the clarity and analysis to make informed, strategic decisions. With Acumen, interactive visualizations replace static reports and spreadsheets, and your data is optimized for analysis.
  • Enhance member experience
    Acumen provides a 360-degree view of your members, allowing you to deliver targeted, relevant, and timely member communications. Product, service, and content offerings are all aligned with members preferences, enhancing the member experience.
  • Improve staff efficiency
    Make changes and ask new questions in real-time, reducing errors and inconsistency in your data and receiving current numbers on-demand.
  • Increase revenue
    Increase member conversions through segmentation and targeted marketing. Offer more relevant content and communicate effectively with attendees to drive attendance and other essential revenue streams.

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