Use AI & Data Analytics to Increase Meeting Attendance & Member Engagement

Join Association Analytics and ISG for a webinar

Wednesday Feb. 13, 11 a.m. EST

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You depend on annual meetings to drive revenue and deliver value to members.

While you have more data than ever, that information lives in so many places it is hard to leverage it and extract the information you need to positively impact registration numbers and revenue.

Join us for this webinar to learn how other associations are using data to increase meeting attendance, improve financial performance, and maintain relevance.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce wasted marketing spend and optimize conversions
  • Discover the content that is most relevant to members
  • Improve the event registration experience
  • Use historical data to improve the event experience
  • Forecast event attendance with predictive analytics

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About the Speaker

Julie Sciullo

Julie Sciullo

Julie Sciullo has 15 years’ experience successfully driving finance, strategy, sales and corporate development. She is an industry thought leader who infuses innovation into data analytics through technology implementation, product and service management, talent and team development, and continuous improvement to business processes. Julie is passionate about interpreting the story in data to drive decisions and facilitate success.  Her belief in the power of data analytics drove her to the helm of Association Analytics, where she currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

About Association Analytics

Association Analytics is an innovator in bringing data analytics to the association market. Leading organizations use our product, Acumen, to combine data from key source systems into a cloud-based platform, with intuitive and self-service visual analytics. Our mission is to inform your decision making by providing you with consistent, complete, and trusted data that leads to actionable business intelligence. By leveraging our product and services, associations are more successful with their current technology and data investments – lowering operational costs, driving revenue, and improving member engagement and experience.

About ISG

ISG Solutions is a software developer and solution provider that specializes in working with associations. We develop, sell and support software for associations, including the iMIS association management software, ISGweb, iBridge, and ISG Cloud. For more than 25 years, ISG has delivered award-winning technology solutions customized to the needs of each association.

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