How Data Analytics Can Drive Revenue and Grow Member Engagement

An association’s data helps to tell the engagement story. But according to research, associations find it challenging to consistently store data in one place. When important data is stored in multiple tools and systems that leaves your team frustrated and your association’s story incomplete.

To solve this challenge, ISG and its team of iMIS experts has partnered with Association Analytics to help your association understand and gather data effectively and seamlessly through the systems you use.

With Association Analytics’ data analytics platform, Acumen, you can gather complete and up-to-date data from your iMIS database, your LMS, email marketing, finance, and other systems. With data aggregated in one place, you can create visualizations and reports that will tell your association’s whole story without missing important information that would cost you time and money.

You will be able to:

  • Make better decisions – faster
  • Deliver more personalized content and experiences
  • Improve staff efficiency and lower costs
  • Drive new revenue and event registrations

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