ISG Solutions Releases ISGweb Version 1.6

ISGweb is fully compatible with iMIS 15 and new iBOs

Rockville, MD (May 31, 2007)—ISG Solutions announced version 1.6 of ISGweb, a software suite that offers associations real-time integration between their association management software and their website, allowing associations to provide a wide variety of data-driven services to members over the Internet, including online communities, directories, a buyers’ guide, event registration, and product sales. Version 1.6 is fully compatible with iMIS 15 and takes advantage of .NET 2.0 and the new iMIS Business Objects (iBOs) to provide even tighter integration between the iMIS association management software and the association’s website.

“We have been beta-testing iMIS 15 since the end of last year,” said Beth Lilienstein, vice president of software development for ISG Solutions. “Participating in ASI’s beta testing program is part of our commitment to offering tight integration between ISGweb and iMIS as both products continue to grow and evolve. We are excited about the new capabilities in iMIS 15; with its new .NET components, ISGweb now fits better than ever. We can run seamlessly with e-Content Manager, for example, which is now .NET”

“We are encouraging clients that are upgrading to iMIS 15 to take advantage of all the components that meet their needs, while continuing to use ISGweb modules wherever they need extra power and flexibility,” said Phil Varady, vice president of consulting for ISG Solutions. “For those associations that are delaying their upgrade to iMIS 15, ISGweb is also compatible with iMIS 10.6.”

Other enhancements in ISGweb 1.6 include several features that give associations greater control over the look and feel of their websites:

  • Administrators can choose to have ISGweb forms embedded in a standard page on an association website, so they remain within the same web browser window as the pages that link to them, or open in a new browser window.
  • More aspects of ISGweb configuration can now be modified without programming using the Administrator module, including system configuration, text of error messages, member application setup, and downloadable product setup.
  • Rich control editors make it possible to add images and change text formatting on ISGweb pages in addition to being able to update text.

ISGweb offers seamless, real-time integration with an association’s member database. This tight integration lets the association’s website take advantage of the detailed information in the member database to provide a better experience on the website, and eliminates the need for multiple databases that can get out of sync. With ISGweb, both the website and member database display information about members and products that is accurate to the minute. The full ISGweb suite of web modules now includes 15 modules. The three foundation modules are required: Unified Login & Create Account, Update Profile, and Administrator. The other modules can be purchased individually: Communities, Membership Directory, Leadership Directory, Buyers Guide, Find a Professional, Company Profile Management, Membership Application, Dues Renewal, Events Calendar, Meeting Setup & Registration, Product Catalog, and Donations.

Pricing and Availability
The software upgrade to ISGweb 1.6 is free for clients of ISG Solutions that have purchased ISGweb and are current with maintenance. Clients can contact ISG to schedule their upgrades starting in mid-June. The labor cost of upgrading is billed on a time and materials basis.

About ISG Solutions
ISG Solutions, a software integrator that implements and supports iMIS association management software, is one of the largest Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs). ISG is also the developer of I-Web for iMIS, a suite of Web-based software modules that extends iMIS, allowing associations to obtain greater value from the information stored in their iMIS database. More than 300 clients have chosen ISG as their technology partner. ISG Solutions is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and maintains a website at

Contact: Phil Varady, Vice President, ISG Solutions, 301-519-3776 x148,