ISG Exclusive: iBridge

iBridge LogoGet iMIS to work seamlessly with your association’s third-party applications. Using ISG’s iBridge lets you integrate iMIS with any website, application or service. No programming. No dealing with complex multiple application sync problems.


  • All systems automatically stay in sync in real-time.
  • System upgrades — whether iMIS or other apps — don’t affect your integration.
  • Protect your iMIS investment.
  • Your website look-and-feel — including event, members-only, and ecommerce pages — won’t be affected.
  • Use your favorite web development team, even if they’re not iMIS experts.client-cloud

Available Third-Party Integrations

iBridge is able to integrate iMIS with many popular applications that associations use including learning management systems, event software, web apps, and so much more.

Here are some of the popular third-party apps that work with iBridge:

If you need to integrate an app that’s not listed, just ask. We can build it for you.

Learn more

Read the iBridge Datasheet
iBridge datasheet

What’s next?

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