ISG Radius Search Directory

When competing in the digital space, providing on-demand information — to members, consumers, or both — is absolutely crucial for many organizations.

One area where this is increasingly important is accurate search. People expect to be able to quickly search for nearby providers and services and narrow down their results by proximity to their location.

Two of ISG’s association partners, The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc. (AAFPRS) and The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), wanted to build this feature into their user interface on the consumer side. The result: the ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE.

ISG Radius Search Directory Integration: Implementation and Benefits

Both the AAFPRS and NAMS websites are designed to reach not only members of the organizations, but also consumers who are visiting the sites for medical information.

To bring more value and enhance the user experience to those consumers, AAFPRS and NAMS worked with ISG to incorporate a radius search feature into their sites. On the AAFPRS site, consumers can use the tool to search for board-certified surgeons in their area, while consumers on the NAMS site can use it to find local menopause clinicians.

To create this necessary functionality for both sites, ISG’s development team built a radius search directory module. When using the tool on a desktop computer or mobile device, the user’s location is automatically generated as long as they allow the website to use their current location. Users also have the option to search for a provider by zip code and set the search radius to any distance from 1 mile to 100 miles.

From there, users are provided with a list of results that include each provider’s name, location, contact information, and potentially a link to their website as well as a photo (the level of detail provided in the results is dictated by each organization).

The ISG Radius Search Directory for RiSE works for both the on-premise version of iMIS and iMIS EMS (iMIS Cloud). While there is some customized configuration that needs to be made with each installation, it can be installed seamlessly into any iMIS site.

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