Packaged Integration Tools for Associations

ISG has developed a suite of packaged integration tools that can be customized to meet your specific business rules. These are highly cost-effective options since we’ve already done the development work. These are proven solutions in use today.

SSO for RiSE

SSO for RiSE is an ISG module that allows 3rd party systems to integrate with iMIS.  Your 3rd party systems folks will be able to save time and effort as they use a secure token-based approach to create a single sign-on environment for your members.

SAML SSO for iMIS and RiSE

SAML SSO for iMIS by ISG is a module that allows you to integrate all the systems you use for your website so they can share one login.  For 3rd party systems that support an open industry standard for single sign on (SSO) called SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language), a third party can securely authenticate your members in iMIS using iMIS as your identity provider and send data back to the third party (service provider) after a successful login has occurred.


With iBridge, you now have a way to exchange data in real-time – reading to and writing from the iMIS database – so there’s no need to worry about synchronizing data. Both applications are kept up-to-date automatically.

iBridge uses the iMIS APIs to exchange data between the applications. This keeps your integration intact when either iMIS or the other product is upgraded – there’s no need to completely re-build the integration. The integration is completed once, and you are all set.

“ISG has a really good understanding of how associations work and how iMIS works. Whenever we have a problem, they know which iMIS module we need and how to integrate it because they have already solved a similar problem for one of their other clients.

Victor Dristas,

Senior Vice President, Operations, Nareit